Products Manufactured By - Broken Sensor Buy Deal
Send your broken sensor!
The Deal  
   You contact
       Tell us about your harvester
           Box up your BROKEN SENSOR
               Recieve a $40 coupon to

Step 1:
Gather your information
We would like to know information about your processor.

Gather the manufacturer (ex. Waratah, Logmax, Valmet), the year (estimated is ok), and the model number/series name of your timber harvester.

Step 2:


Online: Fill out a "Contact Us" form!

E-mail: Contact Jordan at

Phone: (707)722.7899

Let us know you are sending us an encoder!

The more information you provide us the FASTER we will be able to take care of your request!

Step 3:
Send us your broken sensor!
Package up your sensor and LABEL IT WELL!!!
Include the following information WITH YOUR PACKAGE!!!
User Information
Your Name
Contact Phone Number
City, State, Zip

Harvester Information
Harvester Manufacturer
Year (estimated is ok)
Series Name/Model Number
To print a pre-assembled form, or for an example of what to send click THIS LINK (or click the image on the left).
Box together your broken encoder and RETURN INFORMATION and send your package to:

Broken Sensor Buyback
5050 South Towne Dr.
New Berlin, WI 53131

Step 4:

Get online coupon code

After you have contacted and verified the broken buyback will issue
(approximately 5-10 business days after confirmation)
a unique online coupon code.

If you misplace the coupon code you may contact for a replacement.

Coupon codes are guaranteed for up to one year after the purchase.